Knowledge is power, information is liberating! (Kofi Annan)


Education in resilience

Counter MindHacks

MindHacking, aka Social engineering. It is the art of manipulating behavior of someone without him or her being aware of it, often with a harmful objective. CHORUS can teach you how to defend yourself against it.

Master influencing

We will teach you thinking strategies to use in a world of manipulation and influencing. Firstly, we will work on gaining insight and consciousness. Once you understand how our human thinking strategies and how influencing works you become more resilient against manipulation. Making up your own mind and choices based on justified and true belief, while living in a world of influencing is the goal. That is done by continuously transforming information into knowledge. Building upon strong intellectual capabilities will contribute to this continuous updating of knowledge. To build up knowledge out of free will is important, but sometimes difficult. For example, corrupted sources of information and targeted disinformation makes it even harder. One needs a certain capability in order to build knowledge, free of manipulation.

The goal of our education and training is to strengthen the will to use these intellectual capabilities. We get there by broadening the capacity to, independently, search for and gain access to (digital) information and then processing it, without letting yourself being manipulated along the way.

Essentially, it all comes down to being able to continuously transform information into knowledge, without letting yourself be manipulated.

As a resilient person you will not easily be manipulated into remaining passive. On the contrary, you will be “activated” in order to be able to make autonomous and safe choices. You are also flexible! Even if you are being consciously targeted or if you are being overloaded with information. Even then you can search for your own answers. Which you can do in a fast and easy way. You know how (digital) manipulation works and how you can deal with it by keeping an open mind. And you continue to ask questions. This we will do together. In a time when disinformation and weaponized narratives are looming on the horizon we will strengthen societal resilience.

At all times CHORUS avoids to think for people in the field of social engineering, on societal level! But we will certainly strengthen the capacity to find the answers to your questions yourself!

Yourself – a social engineer

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We can train you, in practice, as a social engineer. You will be able to combine the expertise you already have in your field with expertise and knowledge you will gain as a social engineer. CHORUS believes that if you can think like a social engineer and have the expertise to apply it yourself then you will be all the more resilient against social engineering. Crucial for your work life, but also for your own protection in your private life.

The borders between digital and physical worlds are increasingly blurred. Information security is a very important part of our collective security. The InfoSec-experts are our gatekeepers for integrity, protection and accessibility of information. On the organizational and technical side a lot of progress has been achieved. But knowledge and expertise in the field of social engineering, in practice? There is some work to do!

With our background in the human factor from the field of intelligence and security we adopt the perspective of the attacking social engineer. Our unique knowledge and experience are multidisciplinary and developed in the field of collecting, processing and protecting information considered to be ‘not accessible’. This special knowledge and experience can be made directly applicable in the field of information security.

Course in social engineering: For further reading consult ‘The CHORUS method’

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