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As a non-profit organization with a focus for social impact we are being supported and advised by very engaged co-thinkers and hands on workers! Since its founding year CHORUS has grown into an initiative with a core group of high-class professionals.

We connect and work in a dynamic world, therefore we adopt the ‘team-of-teams’ appraoch. Our core group consists of a board, master team and whatever team is effective. Mostly the teams are formed by advisors and inspirators, who assertavily connect with the community. The best initiatives with the most energy, in line with our vision, get full support of our core teams!

Our trade: Find and connect people that excel and strive to work for the vision of People who have the heart in the right place. These hearts beat for Counter Social Engineering now and in the futuer! Therefore we provide guidance to our younger generations in practicing their right to being self-determined individuals!

CHORUS team of teams


Vincent Breider

Vincent is a security enthusiast specialised in network and server security with multiple years of ‘boots on the ground’ experience. As a part-time self-employed ethical hacker, he assists small and medium businesses in the handling of security incidents and issues. Vincent stands up for the less empowered in the age of high profile data breaches and government-enforced compliance. Through Chorus he seeks a holistic approach to security that forges cybersecurity solutions by combining best practices in the areas of Governance, Technology and Human Behaviour. Vincent is a lab teacher for the University of Amsterdam’s Security and Network Engineering master programme, hereby contributing to the training of future generations of security specialists. His ultimate goal is to train students to independently solve security issues, and provide them with a basic understanding of how to address these issues beyond the technology domain.


Anna Lorent

Anna is co-founder of the CHORUS Foundation and its éminence grise. Her role is to help tailor the mission and vision of the foundation to the broad context of society, by inviting and onboarding as many thinkers and doers as possible to share their perspectives and ideas on freedom of choice and the prevention of manipulation.


Omara Nahar

As board member and representative of, strategic PR Advisor Omara Nahar focuses on improving public awareness about Social Engineering. She continuously supports CHORUS’ main cause and purpose to help younger members of society arm themselves against disinformation and manipulation by contributing to the foundation’s educational platform and the development of community projects and partnerships.


Master Team

Matthew Schouten

Matthew is partner of CHORUS community. As a long-serving member of the Dutch law-enforcement and intelligence community, Matthew recognizes the risk social engineering poses to the citizens of a free society. He is committed to helping CHORUS spread awareness and practical counter-measures against this threat.


Erik van der Leek

Erik is the CHORUS Business Development Manager with extensive experience as a (pre) sales concultant in IT. He is a true “Problem Solver.” With his analytical skills he quickly comes to the core of any Business Case. Erik his skills enable him to conceptualise and communicate solutions clearly and convincingly. With this talent and skill he’s driving initiatives on a day-to-day basis. “In my work I have no problems communicating with the end user of the software nor with the programmer who will develop the desired solution. Therefore I am able to predetermine the desired requirements and have these integrated correctly and as desired in any IT related solution.”


Martin Geusebroek

Martin is one of our most experienced subject matter experts! He obtained knowledge and experience in Social Engineering in an international environment while working for the Dutch government. Martin not only teaches in an inspiring way but also provides many striking practical examples. It is his wish educate staff in order to make organizations better protected against attacks by social engineers.


Melvin Lammerts

Melvin is an experienced Information Security Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. We are proud and honoured to have Melvin in our team as a volunteer!


Beatrice Cadet

Beatrice Cadet, holding a Master’s in International Security and Intelligence and a Psychology degree, applies a human behaviour approach to security matters. Curious and creative, she enjoys investigating, innovating and sharing knowledge in front of an audience. Some of her relevant experiences include being an Internet safety consultant for Zeeko, an Irish start-up which developed a VR game for children and a Threat Intelligence analyst for RedSocks Security now Bitdefender, where she gained technical skills and knowledge. She currently works as an Innovation scientist at TNO for security and safety, at the crossroad of technology and behavioural sciences.


Geert Vroom

Geert graduated as work- and organizational psychologist and then went to work as a business developer and marketeer for cyber security start-up Redsocks. After RedSocks was acquired by cyber security vendor Bitdefender, he has been working as marketeer manager for the Benelux region. Geert is involved with CHORUS for organizational support and also to provide a contribution from the psychological angle.


Andres Rutkens

Andres is the co-founder and advisor of CHORUS Foundation. He enjoys the challenges that come with the complexity of the ‘human skill’ of interpreting an overload of information, including disinformation. Hereby Andres is working to support the development of a climate in which individuals can freely practice independent thinking and is therefore driving the initiatives. Andres’ goal is to inspire and connect strong individuals in order to build a strong network aimed at building resilience against unwanted influencing of independent thinking with undesirable effects for a free society.


Christiaan Huijers



Wesley Groenestein, Laurent Weber, Sioux Daniel, Sofie van Londen, Gwenda Nielen, Luc van Donk, Alicia Wanless and many more.

Stakeholder partners

We work closely together and develop knowledge, expertise and experience with the best entrepreneurs in counter social engineering and communication strategists:

Triple I Communicatie (LinkedIn) MALCHAT (LinkedIn)

Knowledge partners

We work together with organizations which are devoted to knowledge, information, communication and the mitigation of inherent risks. Therefore, we share specific knowledge in the field of training and awareness with the following partners.

In our you will come across an international, diverse network of entrepreneurs, internet researchers among others from the hackers-community, (top) civil servants, academics and students.

We would love you to join!

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