Knowledge is power, information is liberating! (Kofi Annan)



CHORUS Grand Cafe 2019 on 21st of May from 1900 till 2100 on a secret location in the haert of Amsterdam

Be part of an unforgettable social engineering experience. Be inspired, inspire others and continuously try to understand the digital world we live in, without being manipulated. Mail to : and join us in a well hidden place in Amsterdam

CHORUS Cafe, Every tuesday at the Keizersgracht 391a, feel free to stop by!

Look ahead and connect!

Special cyber trainingday: 25 / 26 March 2019, Planetarium Amsterdam

The CHORUS community provided an indepth insight on social engineering tactics and strategy in a key note and workshops, Counter Social Engineering

Evenementen 2018

353C Leipzig

CHORUS experience, gathering Knowledge

Cyber security experience 2018,

29-11-2018 with CHORUS Trainingspartner Matthew Schouten

Heliview Customar Identity

14-11-2018 Strategisch congress

The Emergence of a New Social Engineer

11-10-2018 Was Awesome!!! The Emergence of a New Social Engineer, Key themes:NextGen Social Engineering in Society and Information Security

Insider Threats: Where Psychology Meets Technology - Behavioural Issues and Opportunities

Social Engineering Strategies to Protect Your Business.

Countering Social Engineering Attacks During Business Operations Abroad


09/12-08-2018 @ DEFCON #ThisTeesLife, the #Defcon26 edition! The coming 4 days will be #OffTheHook as I represent @ChorusCommunit1 while I experience @defcon for the very 1st time! Thanks for giving this adventurous shirt a #FriendlyFollow! Supporting 0xDUDE with

Haxogreen 2018

26-07-2018 Chorus @ Haxogreen Luxembourgh

28-06-2018 Chorus Talks techtalk @ Fox-IT

Dilemma’s tussen Security & Privacy

20-06-2018 Chorus Talks @ Global Knowledge dilemma’s tussen Security & Privacy

CHORUS Kick off

01-02-2018 CHORUS Talks business @CSS

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