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CHORUS Cafe: 19th of March 2019

Every tuesday at the Keizersgracht 391a, feel free to stop by!

Look ahead and connect!

Special cyber trainingday: 25 / 26 maart 2019, Planetarium Amsterdam

Social Engineering • Technology • Ethical Hacking • Strategy • Secure Coding • Crisis Management

The CHORUS community key note and workshops, Counter Social Engineering

Evenementen 2018

353C Leipzig

CHORUS experience, gathering Knowledge

Cyber security experience 2018,

29-11-2018 with CHORUS Trainingspartner Matthew Schouten

Heliview Customar Identity

14-11-2018 Strategisch congress

The Emergence of a New Social Engineer

11-10-2018 Was Awesome!!! The Emergence of a New Social Engineer, Key themes:NextGen Social Engineering in Society and Information Security

Insider Threats: Where Psychology Meets Technology - Behavioural Issues and Opportunities

Social Engineering Strategies to Protect Your Business.

Countering Social Engineering Attacks During Business Operations Abroad


09/12-08-2018 @ DEFCON #ThisTeesLife, the #Defcon26 edition! The coming 4 days will be #OffTheHook as I represent @ChorusCommunit1 while I experience @defcon for the very 1st time! Thanks for giving this adventurous shirt a #FriendlyFollow! Supporting 0xDUDE with

Haxogreen 2018

26-07-2018 Chorus @ Haxogreen Luxembourgh

28-06-2018 Chorus Talks techtalk @ Fox-IT

Dilemma’s tussen Security & Privacy

20-06-2018 Chorus Talks @ Global Knowledge dilemma’s tussen Security & Privacy

CHORUS Kick off

01-02-2018 CHORUS Talks business @CSS

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