Knowledge is power, information is liberating! (Kofi Annan)


Project Factory


We developed a platform to be used by kids and youth to learn and experiment interactively with information. Alongside they will learn about universal human rights, about influencing and information, how to filter and interpret information, how to navigate in the overflow of information, how to factcheck information.

Counter Social Engineer Course

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We can train you, in practice, as a social engineer. You will be able to combine the expertise you already have in your field of expertise with knowledge you will gain as a social engineer. CHORUS believes that if you can think like a social engineer and have the expertise to apply it yourself then you will be all the more resilient against social engineering. Crucial for your work life, but also for your own protection in your private life.

PALIXIR Search engine

We support the developement of an open source- search engine to use for everyone without tracking. While searching and exploring for new information the engine will show and teach about analytical bias we should all know before we start our search in order to protect ourselfs and the next generation.

Serious Gaming with Behaviour



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We strengthen our resilience against Social Engineering by focusing on own capability to continuously transform information into knowledge.

Help us to aggregate knowledge and make open source tools accessible for everybody! Everyone has the right to selfdetermination and the right to exert this right!

Account nr: NL 90 INGB 000 830 41 22 to the attention of Stichting CHORUS

Empower and Liberate! Counter Social Engineering!

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